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Text Post Mon, Sep. 10, 2012 1 note

Seeing you everyday… it isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.. I get happy when I see you.. but I want to hug you and tell you I love you.. knowing I can’t is what hurts…..

Remeber when I was happy?….. me either its been to long…

You go to my school now….. I have to see you every day and no your happy with someone else……. 3

Someone told me to fight for you no matter what…
Your worth it to me… I don’t know how I’m gonna go the rest of my life without you.. I miss you sooo muchh… I regret soo much I did to you.. but the question is do you regret what you did to me?.. I’m fighting for you.. I am I tell you I wanna be friends.. but you don’t respond to me.. what else can I do.. I hope I run into you soon.. I miss you face…

I heard you smoke ciggerettes now…. I remeber the last time I saw you. You were hugging me and we were kissing your friends were smoking.. you looked at me and said should I start smoking I haven’t had a cigg in forever.. I said no… there nasty.. and you kissed me…… ughh how I miss you…. I can’t believe how much has changed…. why can’t everything be like it was…. it was perfectt….

I dont understand. people say you will fight for the people you love if you really love them. what about when it kills you. what about when you need to let go and move on. i want to fight i do but what if nothing ever changes your worth the fight.. But why am i not worth the fight.. I loved you.. I still do.. I faught for you so many times. even when it was you that did me wrong.. Its your turn to fight.. and you dont want to. I faught, im still fighting.. when will it ever be enough….. 

School starts soon.. And im trying to face the fact im not gonna have you to text all day…. i miss that texting you from the second i wake up to the second i fall asleep. I miss your good morning text and your goodnight text.. <3 i miss you. and i love you. I remember when id wake up for school late and you would lecture me about being late to school, but it was okay if you were late to school.. Lol and if it was to come see you before school then it was okay with you. God i miss seeing you, and being with you.. i miss you every second of every day. i cant imagine going the rest of my life without you…. <\3

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